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August 07, 2009


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Dr. Bob

Well done. Did you see Rachel Maddow's 2 great videos on this stupidity?


You probably already know this, but on the off chance you missed it, thought you'd like to know that NBC Network News had, as one of its lead stories, the exact topic you addressed in this week's blog. Nice to know that folks out there are paying attention to this insidious practice.

We forwarded on your piece to all of our Right-leaning friends and family. (Thankfully, there aren't too many of them!)


It's truly frightening to envision how many absolutely stupid people we have in this country' Just imagine, if you will, how easy it would be for some demogog to blame this all on the Jews!!


Isn't it interesting that many of these crackpots that are comparing Present Obama with Hitler, like Limbaugh and Beck have German Family names. Also I understand that the provisions in the Health Care bill that provoked this outporing of people being told "sick people will be subjected to euthanasia without their consent", is the section that will allow the MD to be paid by Medicare for his consultation with the family and the person who is suffering from an incurable disease, was Senator Isaacson of Georgia; the proposal to encourage more people to write a Living Will, was Senator Collins of Maine. Both Republicans.

KFS to scylla17

No, if it were a mere handful of "grandmothers with chicken scracthed signs" it would not be indicative of an organized mob. However, we're talking about thousands upon thousands of people getting out and shouting slogans they have not created, making accusations about things they don't understand -- like the health care proposal includes forced euthanasia of the elderly and will pay for sex-change operations -- and are clearly being organized. In one such "spontaneous" demonstration in Texas, the congressman asked by a show of hands how many did not have health insurance. Two or three out of nearly 200 raised their hands. Then he asked those who did have health insurance, how many liked what they currently had. Almost all the hands went up. "Congratulations," he said, "you will be keeping yours if you so choose."
"YOU'RE LYING!!" screamed out a chorus. Weren't they listening? Or was it that no matter what a Democrat says, they have been "convinced" that only lies will be coming out of his or her mouth?
The point of my article is relatively simple -- even if you don't agree with the various health care proposals floating around Congress. This is not a game. To equate anyone to Hitler, Nazis, Mussolini or facism is way, way over the top. You may not like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton (to name but three); that is certainly your right. But to accuse them of having murdered millions and millions of people; of having the manic desire to annihilate all but a chosen few; of wanting to impose military law -- that is not only way, way over the top. It is deeply, frighteningly stupid and offensive, and indicates either a complete ignorance of history or that someone else is writing your script.
Which is it?


Grandmothers with chicken scratched signs are organized? Besides if you voted for Obama your president is the "great community organizer" you should be proud of these Americans. Good for them for voicing their concerns. Now that is American!

Alan Weiss

Yeah right! SHOYN GENUG!! It's only the beginning. You had better toughen up your hide.

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