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May 23, 2008


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We have a chance to put a non-swaggering, highly-intelligent, introspective and motivated person into the presidency. Why don't people view this as wonderful news for Israel and the stalled peace process

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Ira L. Jacobson

The comment above (It is said that Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans. Perhaps this they will smarten up) was written before Barack's election. At that point the Jews had not yet smartened up, but recent polls show that they are indeed doing so.

new balance

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today .

Ira L. Jacobson

It is a funny thing, but the Obama misunderstanding about the meaning of his name gets repeated over and over. In fact, the surname of the Israel Defense Minister is Barak, That happens to mean "lightning" in Hebrew, and not "blessed."

Obama has said he has visited the 57 states of the Union!

Tom Carew has noted: 2 minutes into his interview Tues Sept 23, 2008 on his campaign bus with CBS news-anchor, Katie Couric, now posted on Youtube, the Dem VP candidate, Delaware Senator Joseph Robinette Biden, told us of **the Great Crash when Roosevelt went on TV and didn't just talk of the Princes of Greed*.

Joe had just remarked to Katie that **part of what a leader does is demonstrate confidence .. that he or she knows what they are talking about**.

True, there was a Great Crash - in 1929.

True FDR was US President. In fact, twice.
BUT FDR was 32nd US President - from 1933 to 1945.

Hoover, not FDR, was 31st US President when the Great Crash occurred in 1929.

FDR did not even stand against the Republican Hoover - it was NY Dem Al Smith.

True, FDR broadcast a lot - but on Radio.
There was no TV - in 1929 - or when FDR was inaugurated in 1933.

It is said that Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans. Perhaps this they will smarten up.

Dr. Freudheimer

If Israel is to be able to depend on the US, the US must be strong enough financially to be able to support them in the event they are once again attacked by their neighbors. Money is power and the US has had that power for many years. I am not so sure we have it now. If you want real support for Israel, I suggest you vote for the candidate who will make us financially strong again so that we have the where withall to be able to be supportive. Otherwise, talk and saber-rattling is just that - talk, and talk is cheap.

There are not simple solutions. The issues are complicated and interrealted. Obama offers the hope for the US and for Israel.


It is fair to surmise that you voted for the anti-semite Carter? Clearly, you haven't learn any lesson.

Aaron Ehrlich

Bruce, whether or not I agreed with your premise that Iran is the "central issue confronting the West" - which I don't - I am entirely unsure of what Obama has said to indicate that he is unprepared to deal with any threat the nation might pose.

Is it because he wishes to avoid war? I can only hope that you wouldn't prefer an engagement of the scale we are now committed to in Iraq- perhaps the most likely outcome of the tactics of provocation exhibited by Barack's opponent.

In any event, if a total policy reversal to the tune of one-hundred-eighty degrees is the only way he could secure your vote, do the rest of the country a favor and have a nice picnic or go bowling on election day. ;)

Sandy Loeffler

I've been wavering between the two Democratic candidates. This article convinced me to vote for Senator Obama if he becomes the nominee.

Randy Singer


It says:
"The largest pro-Israel lobbying group in the country, AIPAC, says McCain, Obama and Clinton all meet their approval. "All three candidates," said spokesman Josh Block, "have strong congressional voting records on issues important to the pro-Israel community and have demonstrated their commitment to the special relationship between the United States and Israel." AIPAC is nonpartisan, and won't endorse either McCain or Obama. But if the group felt that Obama wasn't sufficiently pro-Israel, you'd have heard about it."

Lori L

Thank you for this posting. The disconnect between the bizarre picture painted by people who don't know the man and our Senator is mindboggling. We have a chance to put a non-swaggering, highly-intelligent, introspective and motivated person into the presidency. Why don't people view this as wonderful news for Israel and the stalled peace process?

Douglas Hall

Barack knows how to get to the heart of the voter. When those that are elligible (excluding myself, of course) actually go in to the polls, I can't help but think that some kind of deep-rooted inately human fuzzy feeling will make the voter reminisce about soaring oration and intelligent dialogue. That voter, perhaps despite a predisposition against Obama, may glance behind his or her shoulders and press the little Obama button. The voter will then compose him or herself and come out of the booth with a nervous, "weight-lifting-off-my-shoulders" kind of feeling. That is my prediction on how Obama will match up against McCain.


He'll not get my vote no matter how many standing ovations gets. He'd have to do a total about-face.

His [exceedingly short] pro-Israel voting record is besides the point. Iran is the point and is the central issue confronting the West. An Obama presidency is a 2nd term for...Carter!

Bruce :)


For future reference, can you provide a source for that AIPAC rating?

Alan Weiss

It is heart warming that both senators have that 100% rating.

Warren Weinstein

Great piece. I plan to send it to my friends who spend time comparing how many Nobel prizes Jews and Muslims have won. "Never fear to negotiate. . ." I wonder who said that.

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